Using unencrypted card readers

Kiosk Pro Enterprise currently integrates the SDK for three specific IDTech card readers which are available as unencrypted readers:

  • UniMag II and the Shuttle, which use the audio jack connector, 
  • iMag Pro, which uses Apple's 30-pin connector,
  • iMag Pro II, which uses Lightning connector. 

When using one of these unencrypted reader, our API returns the information from a card swipe as plain text directly to your HTML page through a JavaScript function.  

We generally recommend using encrypted readers for credit card transactions where the encrypted string is passed directly to the card processor who then handles unencryption. Kiosk Pro is not designed to unencrypt card data.

 These IDTech readers can also be ordered with encryption so please order carefully. The Magtek iDynamo, which is also supported by Kiosk Pro Enterprise, is only available as an encrypted device. 

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