PDF links not working?

If you've created your PDF in Microsoft Word or an Adobe program (like Acrobat or InDesign) and your links are not working correctly, the issue may be how these programs create links.

Checking Your Link Path

Creating links to remotely stored files on a web server is fairly straightforward and just requires that you link to the full web address (or URL) of the file.

When you create your link to a local file (myFile.pdf, for example), you will need to add ~/Documents/ to the beginning of it (for example, ~/Documents/myFile.pdf This prefix is referencing the Kiosk Pro Documents folder on the iPad. You'll also need to check to make sure that the program isn't modifying the path to reflect the file system of the device you are creating the PDF on (for example, adding something like 'file://C:/User/Etc...')

Triggering Based On Click Events

If you are using Abobe InDesign to create the .pdf, there is an option to create a button with a link that is followed when the button is clicked. This type of button relies on a specific 'click' event that isn't possible in Kiosk Pro's touch based interface.

Instead of attaching the link to this type of button, you can create clear rectangles overlaying the area to be tapped and add the hyperlink directly to the rectangle. Since the link is attached to the object (rather than being triggered by a specific event), it is possible to trigger from within a touch interface.

A sample .pdf designed to be navigated via 'Hyperlink Only' mode and created in Adobe InDesign can be viewed by  clicking here. To download the original .indd file and screenshots showing the process of adding links in InDesign, click here.

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