Scanning QR codes and/or UPC barcodes

Kiosk Pro Enterprise includes APIs for barcode and QR code scanning from a variety of sources, including Aila scanners, the device’s native cameras, and, in certain situations, Bluetooth-connected scanners.

Using an Aila scanner

Aila’s line of kiosk and handheld scanners for iOS supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning, including UPC-EAN, QR, Code 128, Code 39, and Interleaved 2 of 5. These scanners use a mirrored camera system for quick barcode capture and recognition and the audio jack for communication with the app.

Using the native camera

Our primary approach uses a custom JavaScript function to call the iPad's native camera for QR (and/or several versions of standard UPC if set) code recognition and then returns the interpreted result to your code as a callback.

In recent testing, we've learned that using the front camera on an iPad is not always reliable for scanning. We highly recommend using the device's rear camera when possible.

If you need a kiosk that can support using the rear camera,  talk to us about creating a custom kiosk. We've created some in the past for ID reaching, which included a tray for holding IDs with an LED light.

Bluetooth barcode scanners

Bluetooth barcode scanners use the iPad's native connection for Bluetooth keyboards to emulate keyboard input and can return the results of a scan directly to your page through a JavaScript callback.

Since Bluetooth scanners are seen by the iPad as an alternate keyboard, no on-screen keyboard will be shown when focus enters text fields, which means that this type of scanner is not recommended for projects where visitors would need to manually enter text. These scanners can also interfere with other types of inputs (for example, dropdown menus).

JavaScript API Documentation

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