Visitors appear to be able to leave the app?

Keeping visitors within Kiosk Pro does require that you set up the iPad correctly.  If you are finding that visitors are escaping the app, we recommend running through our initial set-up checklist to make sure your device is set up correctly. 

If those settings appear to be correct, the next step is check the device for crash logs to rule out a couple of possibilities:

  • the iOS operating system is crashing the app - these logs generally include the app's name within the filename.  If you find any and would like us to take a look, just send them to us at
  • the battery is running out and the device is rebooting to the Home screen - these logs contain the words 'LowBattery'.  You'll need to troubleshoot this type of failure more directly by ensuring that your device always has adequate power, reducing the power requirements of the device, and/or supervising the device and placing it in Single App Mode (not just Guided Access). 

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