Encrypting or password protecting the .xml file used for Remote Settings Control

There currently is no way of encrypting the xml file so we'd recommend only including information that isn't considered sensitive in the file.

For example, if setting up a kiosk for email notifications, we'd recommend using an email address set up specifically for this purpose and not used for anything else as the sending email (as that is the email requiring a password). You can also set up the SMTP settings either directly on the iPads through the settings menu or you can add them in the initial .xml update and then remove them from future production versions of the .xml file.

By removing the entire Email Notifications section of the file once these settings have been placed, Kiosk Pro will just keep these settings as they are currently set (until you change them manually or add them back to the .xml file).

For example, to stop updating just the 'Password' field, you would remove or comment out the following from the .xml file (including the opening <dict> and closing </dict> tags:


When using an .xml file automatically generated by the app using the Export Current Settings feature, the SMTP password is omitted by default.

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