Preventing the Unique iPad ID from being overwritten when using Remote Settings Control

Generally, the Unique iPad ID is configured manually on each device when the kiosk is first set up.  If you are using Remote Settings Control, you should be aware that this identifier can be overwritten as a part of a remote settings update. 

To prevent this, this setting is now commented out by default in our standard .xml templates and is not included in any file generated by our 'Export Current Settings' feature. 

If you uncomment this setting or are using an older template and you leave the value tags blank, you will overwrite the setting on every device, blanking this field on any connected devices.   To prevent this, you can either delete the entire 'uniqueiPadID' entry from the starting <dict> tag to the closing </dict> tag or enclose it in comment tags (<!-- -->) as shown in the current templates.

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