How can I remotely update locally stored files?

If you are running your content locally on the iPad, you have a few options in terms of remotely updating your content. All of these options do require the use of our Plus and Enterprise versions. 

Remote Update of Local Files

This feature allows Kiosk Pro to periodically check for an XML file and a .zip of content hosted on your server. When Kiosk Pro sees a new version exists, it will download the associated .zip and update your content.

More information available here

Dropbox Synchronization

We've integrated Dropbox's API to allow syncing files to and from your Dropbox account. When you log into your account in Kiosk Pro, it will automatically create a folder in your Dropbox to sync with the app, allowing you to update your content as needed.

More information available here

Remote Management Server

Our Remote Management Server is a separate subscription that lets you connect the app to an online interface. You can upload files through the server interface, create a content revision and assign that to specific kiosks, and then set up or schedule a server command to trigger the download.

More information available here

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