Displaying multiple .pdf files

The first step of setting up any project in Kiosk Pro is deciding how you are going to access your content: online or offline. 

To display your .pdf files online, you will have to place the files on a server (this could be a company server or a public link through a tool like Google Drive or Dropbox) and access them over the web. If you are using our Basic, Plus or Enterprise versions, you also have the option to store the files locally in the Kiosk Pro documents folder.

Once you have decided how you are going to access the files, you’ll need to consider how your visitors can see what files you have to offer and view them. 

The most flexible way to do this is to create a homepage ‘menu’ screen with a link to each file; this can be done as an .html page or as a .pdf with embedded links. This page is then set as the ‘Homepage’ in Kiosk Pro settings and when the kiosk presentation is run, visitors are presented with this page, showing their options.

If you are running the files locally on the device, you also have the option of Kiosk Pro's built-in Local Menu functionality. 

The last option is using the Custom Links feature (available in our paid versions) to create links to .pdf files in the navigation bar. As you are limited to 6 or fewer links, this method may not work depending on the number of files you have to show.

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