Can I change the background & icons of the Navigation Bar?

In our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions, it is possible to customize the Navigation Bar. The background of the Navigation Bar can be set either as an R,G,B color or image background to allow for gradients or subtle patterns.

If you are running the app on iOS 7 or later, the color of the icons can be chosen from several predefined options.

If you choose to enable the Custom Links, both the text and background color of the buttons generated can be set as an RGB color.

In Enterprise, it is possible to fully customize the look and layout of the Navigation Bar by using your own custom graphics. You have the ability to set the nav bar height, define the background and up to 8 icons (.png on transparent background so could be text, image or both) and associated links. You can also optionally define a highlight "up-state" background and/or icon image.

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