Remote Settings Control .xml file not being applied to kiosk?

We've added a setting under 'Remote Settings Control' that allows you to easily check if your .xml file is valid and can be accessed by the device or if there are syntax errors that might prevent Kiosk Pro from successfully reading and applying the file.

Syntax Error

The error check will give you information about the first syntax error found in the file, including the line number of the error for reference. Once you've found and corrected the error, you'll want to re-run the check to make sure the error was successfully addressed and also that their aren't any subsequent errors in the file.

The most frequent causes of errors include:

In the .xml file, any values with the tags <integer> or <real> cannot be left blank; they must have an entry.

In a case where you don't want to use a setting that needs a number (the idle timer, for example) you can either set the value to '0' or delete the entire entry.

Using the Idle Time Limit setting as an example:


would disable the timer. If you wanted to delete the entry instead, the above code sample would need to be deleted entirely. (This includes the opening <dict> tag and the closing </dict> tag.)

The ampersand is a reserved character in xml; <marker>Bob & Mary Johnson</marker> is not valid xml. It should be replaced with the string & (similarly to HTML) so that the code can read it correctly: <marker>Bob & Mary Johnson</marker>.

This includes URLs. For example, if you had the URL:

it would need to be changed to this:

Check 'Remote Settings' in your .xml File

Make sure that the Remote Settings area in your .xml file is enabled using <true/>, linked to the correct .xml file location, and has an update period set.

One of the most common mistakes we see (and admit that we make ourselves occasionally) is not changing these settings before updating, which results in the app updating once, overwriting these Remote Update settings and disabling them and then not being able to connect again.


<!--XML File Location-->

<!--Update Period (minutes)-->

Determining if a Remote Settings update was successful

While we don't have any on-screen progress bar for remote updates (as these could be confusing to a visitor), you can check in the app's settings menu to see the last time new settings were applied. Note that remote settings updates will only be applied while the kiosk presentation is running and will not occur if the app is sitting in the settings menu.

You can set the app up to deliver email alerts whenever the settings are updated at a kiosk; these are tagged with the Unique iPad ID to make it clear which devices have been updated.

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