Secure https:// site with invalid or self-signed security certificate won’t load?

On iOS, invalid, expired, and self-signed security certificates are all considered untrusted. Kiosk Pro is based on Apple's WKWebView browser, which is built into the iOS operating system. WKWebView allows you to bypass authentication of security certificates on a case by case basis through a ‘Continue’/’Cancel’ popup.

Using the Allow Exceptions to HTTPS:// Security Protocols feature in our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions, you can change the way Kiosk Pro handles these types security certificate errors. You can choose to automatically bypass authentication without showing the popup, or never open a page with a security certificate error.

If you don't want to automatically bypass authentication or show the popup, you'll need to place your webpage on an unsecured server (one with an http:// prefix) or provide a trusted security certificate.

You can confirm the problem (and get more details about what is going on) with the certificates on your site by visiting the site in another browser. If you have visited the site previously in this browser and accepted the untrusted certificate, you will have to clear the previous exception to view the error (which is not currently possible in mobile Safari).  In Firefox desktop, you can do this by going to Options > Advanced > Encryption > View Certificates > Servers and find your site in the resulting list, highlight it, and 'Delete'. You can then navigate to the site in the Firefox browser again to trigger the certificate error.

UIWebView does not have the ability to bypass authentication for untrusted security certificates. 

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