Starting in Local Mode results in a ‘File Resource Not Found’ screen?

The ‘File Resource Not Found’ screen is displayed when Kiosk Pro can't find the file you have set as the Homepage.

The most frequent problem in this situation is an issue with placement or the folder structure of the content. Make sure that you've transferred the files so your homepage file is directly in Kiosk Pro's main folder and that any folder structure required by your content has been maintained.

For example, if your file is called 'index.html' then your Homepage setting would be:


Make sure to check spelling and capitalization of the file name as the app's file system is case-sensitive.

If you're having trouble figuring out what the file path should be, you can see the files stored in Kiosk Pro's Documents folder by choosing Local Mode in the app's settings menu. You can set any file as the Homepage or Screensaver by tapping the file name to open a pop-up which allows you to select 'Set Path as Homepage' or 'Set Path as Screensaver'.

If you are using iMazing to transfer files to the iPad where Kiosk Pro can access them, you'll need to add them in Kiosk Pro's folder under Storage > Apps > Kiosk Pro. If a file is in that folder, you can access it in Kiosk Pro without any file path, just the filename.

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