Can I collect visitor information like email addresses?

Definitely! We have many customers who use iPads to capture email and other contact information from visitors. You have a number of options for developing the forms to collect data - let’s run through a few:

My Kiosk Pro 

The  My Kiosk Pro design studio (annual subscription required) allows you to create your own forms easily using a drag and drop interface that can then be displayed in the Kiosk Pro app. Form submissions are saved automatically and can be viewed in your dashboard or emailed to one or more email addresses for notification.

Content created in My Kiosk Pro is designed for online use and does require an Internet connection to work. 

Basic Web Form or Template

If you need an email sign-up that saves data to an online database, many email marketing companies have templates or sign-up forms that you can customize and then run in Kiosk Pro.

Popular providers include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Hubspot (among many others) - when choosing a provider, you'll want to evaluate their form setup system, pricing, and options for exporting your data. This type of page is generally hosted by the web form provider and does require an Internet connection to work.

Offline Custom Webpage

If you need an email sign-up that works offline and are comfortable working with JavaScript, our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions include custom functions that allow you to save visitor form data to a locally stored spreadsheet (.csv) file right on the iPad.

Sample code demonstrating these functions can be found in Saving Form Data.  If you need help putting this together, we do offer custom HTML development in-house at an hourly rate. 

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