Can I automatically adjust the brightness of the iPad using Kiosk Pro?

While Kiosk Pro can't automatically adjust the brightness of the display, all paid versions include a Screen Brightness setting so you can adjust the display brightness without exiting the app entirely (which often requires taking apart an enclosure).

You can also control this setting through the Remote Settings Control feature in our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions of the app. If you are looking to create a schedule, it should be possible to set up regular uploads of new .xml files to trigger this remotely on a regular schedule.

By default, iOS enables auto-brightness and this does allow the iPad to adjust the screen brightness based on data from light sensors located on the bezel surrounding the iPad's screen. In our testing, auto-brightness does appear to be more aggressively applied to newer iPads - most likely because the display brightness has a significant effect on battery life. When the iPad is placed in an enclosure where these sensors are covered, the display can be dimmed to a point where it can be difficult to see.  

Auto-brightness can be manually disabled on a device under iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Autobrightness = Off. At this time, there is no way to automatically turn off auto-brightness, either through the app (which doesn't have access to this setting) or a configuration profile.  

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