File Not Found?

If Kiosk Pro is not able to find the content you are directing it to, it will display an error screen titled "File Not Found", as shown below.

Steps for troubleshooting

  • Check for typos in your Homepage setting or the URL/filepath that causes the error to appear.
  • If using a local file, make sure it's stored locally in the Kiosk Pro documents folder. You can see local files from the app settings menu using the Local File Directory feature.
  • If using a local file, make sure you aren't using a domain name as a file or folder name. For example, don't name a local file "".
  • If using a webpage or remotely hosted file, try opening the URL in mobile Safari to make sure the server is online.

In the Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions, you can set your own image to be shown if you prefer.

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