How does the app determine if I need an internet connection?

Kiosk Pro assumes that users require an internet connection, so the apps are built with a flag called "UIRequiresPersistentWiFi" that tells the iOS to prevent the WiFi controller from going to sleep during extended periods of inactivity.

When internet is lost and a visitor tries to navigate to an online page, Kiosk Pro will display a "No Internet Connection" error screen and will reload the page when the connection is restored. The paid versions of Kiosk Pro include a feature called Monitor Internet Access While Idle (turned off by default) which allows Kiosk Pro to regularly check for internet access while the device is idle.

If your content is stored locally and you do not require a WiFi connection, we recommend turning WiFi off in the iPad settings in order to prevent alerts or dialogue boxes appearing about the WiFi connection. If you prefer to use Airplane mode, you will see an alert box when Kiosk Pro is initially run (after being connected to WiFi), but once this alert is dismissed it should not appear again (until the iPad is connected to WiFi again and then placed in Airplane mode again.)

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