Keeping visitors within Kiosk Pro

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In most kiosk use cases it is critical to keep your visitors within the app, but this isn't possible without one of the following options:

Guided Access

Guided Access is an iOS feature which allows you to lock-down to a single application and disable the iPad's Home button, requiring a passcode to unlock the device. This feature also disables Multitasking, the Notifications tab, the Control Center, and keyboard shortcuts that allow you to leave the app (when an external keyboard is in use).

We highly recommend using Guided Access. Since iOS 8, the Notifications tab (pulled down from the top of the screen) includes an "Edit" button, allowing visitors to enable a handful of notifications. Some of these notifications can allow visitors to leave the app.

When the Home button is pressed while in Guided Access, an on-screen message appears stating that Guided Access is enabled which cannot be turned off and may not work for your intended kiosk presentation.

We recommend thoroughly testing Guided Access with your content before using it in a public setting.

To enable Guided Access:

  1. Open the iPad Settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility > Guided Access.
  3. Toggle Guided Access = On.

Note: For devices running iOS 12.1.1 - 12.4, set Mirror Display Auto-Lock = On. This prevents the device from being put to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity, regardless of Auto-Lock settings.

You can set a passcode now, or when you enable Guided Access within Kiosk Pro.

To enable Guided Access within Kiosk Pro, triple-click the iPad Home button (or Power button if your iPad does not have a Home button) while your presentation is running and choose "Start". To disable Guided Access again, triple-click the Home button (or Power button, as mentioned previously), input your passcode, and choose "End".

More information on setting up Guided Access can be found here.

Single App Mode

Single App Mode is similar to Guided Access, but cannot be exited using the Home button and passcode and does not show an on-screen alert like Guided Access when the Home button is pressed. Also unlike Guided Access, Single App Mode returns the device to an app following a complete reboot.

Single App Mode requires the use of Configurator or a mobile device management (MDM) system - more information on Single App Mode here.

Use a secure kiosk enclosure

For most kiosk applications, we recommend using a kiosk enclosure that protects the device and also covers the device's Home and power buttons. Please note that as of iOS 8, covering the Home and power buttons will not prevent access to the Notification Center and so enclosures are not an adequate substitute for using Guided Access or Single App Mode.

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