iOS 13 & iPadOS 13

We have completed initial testing with iOS 13 and the new iPadOS 13 and the current versions of Kiosk Pro and are not aware of any compatibility issues. 

With that said, we do not recommend updating devices in live kiosk deployments until you have fully tested with your own content and settings.  It is not possible to easily downgrade a device to a previous version of iOS so we highly recommend testing on a separate device that is not a part of your public deployment.

There are major changes in the iOS and iPadOS releases which can affect how these devices perform.  Apple already released a 13.1 beta to developers prior to the public release of 13.0, which is highly unusual and suggests that there may be outstanding issues in these initial versions.  

For those using Guided Access, please be aware that Accessibility settings have moved and are now in a separate ‘Accessibility’ tab in the sidebar of iOS settings. The previous ‘Mirror Display Auto-Lock’ setting has been replaced by a new ‘Display Auto-Lock’ setting, which defaults to respecting the existing auto-lock settings. 

If you do see any issues in testing on these versions of iOS and/or iPadOS, please contact us so we can address them directly if possible. If we become aware of any new issues related to these releases, we will update this article. 

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