Insert Homepage URL Parameters as JavaScript Variables

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Easily identify traffic from your kiosks. You can use general parameters appended to your Homepage to identify traffic coming from Kiosk Pro, allowing you to serve specific content to visitors coming from a kiosk or to tag outgoing data.

Possible Values:

  • On Homepage Only
  • Always
  • Never (default)

As an example, would define the JavaScript variable: window.source = ‘kiosk’ on the pages defined by this setting.

Please note that variables are inserted immediately following the page load event and cannot be read directly through a function assigned to the 'onLoad' event. If you need the variables in this scenario, we would recommend using a short setTimeout to delay long enough that the app can insert the variables.

In Plus and Enterprise, you can also define unique parameters for individual kiosks based on their Unique iPad ID and any Group ID’s set in the app’s settings.

If you have a Unique iPad ID set for each of your kiosks and a Homepage of$UniqueiPadID$, the app can automatically pull the ID from settings and define it in your pages. For a kiosk with the Unique iPad ID of ‘location747’, the app would inject the JavaScript variable window.kioskID = ‘location747’ on the pages defined in this setting.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_insertHomepageURLParametersAsJavaScriptVariables
Key Type integer
Default Value 2
Possible Values
  • 0 = On Homepage Only
  • 1 = Always
  • 2 = Never

Change Log

Added in version 6.7

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