Print Mode for AirPrint

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Choose whether to show the standard iOS printing dialog or to send a print request automatically.

Default Value:

Standard Dialog

Other Possible Values:

Automatic Kiosk

Standard Dialog

This option presents the standard iOS printing dialog when a visitor tries to print. In our Plus and Enterprise versions, you have the option of allowing visitors to set the number of copies and page range in this dialog from the Standard Print Mode settings.

Automatic Kiosk

This option will send a print request immediately to the printer of your choice without a print dialog being shown to the visitor. You can configure these settings from the Automatic Kiosk Print Mode settings.

The first time you print after choosing this option the device will attempt to contact all available AirPrint-enabled printers and display a list, allowing you to select which printer will be used as the default for print requests. This can be reset under the Automatic Kiosk Print Mode settings.

This option also allows you to use JavaScript API calls to check the status of the default printer. More information is available here

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_airPrint_printMode
Key Type integer
Default Value 0
Possible Values
  • 0 = Standard Dialog
  • 1 = Automatic Kiosk

Change Log

Added in 5.3 version

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