Print Quality for AirPrint

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Plus and Enterprise

Choose the quality of printing from the app. This can affect both the speed of printing and the amount of ink or toner used.

Default Value:


Other Possible Values:
  • Photo
  • Grayscale


The printed content consists of mixed text, graphics, and images. Output is normal quality.


The printed content consists of black-and-white or color images. Output is high quality.


The printed content is grayscale. Set the output type to this value when your printable content contains no color - for example, black text only. Output is grayscale quality.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key airPrint_PrintInfoOutputType
Key Type real
Default Value 0.0
Possible Values
  • 0.0 = Standard
  • 1 = Photo
  • 2 = Grayscale

Notes: Real type values must include a leading 0 if less than 1 - for example, '0.0' is valid. If this key is included in a config, the value cannot be left blank; it must have an entry. If MDM does not support value type = real, use type = float.

Change Log

Added in version 3.2 

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