Minimum RSSI Value for ThermoWorks

Supported in

Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Define a minimum Bluetooth signal strength required for Kiosk Pro to connect to a ThermoWorks WAND Blue thermometer, which can help when using multiple thermometers in a single location.

Default Value: -150

Unit of Measure: dBm

RSSI signal represents the strength of the Bluetooth signal from a device and generally increases the closer the device is to the iPad.  Since the ThermoWorks WAND Blue does not have a permanent identifier, this setting can help distinguish between multiple thermometers based on distance to the iPad. 

The default value of -150 dBm allows all thermometers within range of the iPad to connect if they are detected.  As Bluetooth signal strength is highly dependent on the environment where the thermometer is set up as well as the placement of bodies and objects in that space, it may require experimentation to determine the level to set if you are trying to exclude other thermometers in the area.  In our testing, a value between -50 and -90 generally allowed a thermometer next to the iPad in question to connect, while excluding thermometers more than 6 feet away. 

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_thermometers_minimumRSSIValue
Key Type string
Default Value -150

Change Log

Added in version 10.0.

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