Disable Touch Callouts

Supported In:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Control whether to show touch callouts or allow the use of HTML5's Web Share API to show the native iOS/iPadOS share sheet.

Default Value: On

Touch callouts are most frequently used to allow visitors to select elements on a page by holding their finger down until a pop-up appears with a list of options. The iOS/iPadOS operating system automatically creates touch callouts for certain types of links, including tel:// and mailto:// links.

While these generally will not allow visitors to leave Kiosk Pro if the device is in Guided Access or Single App Mode, they can still be confusing to visitors and may allow access to and editing of information stored elsewhere on the device (such as Contacts).

Certain websites use touch callouts to approximate a ‘hover’ state on a touch device. If you are seeing a problem with a link, modal window, or lightbox plugin not opening as expected, you may want to try testing with ‘Disable Touch Callouts’ turned off.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key _kp_disableDefaultCalloutShownWhenTouchAndHoldTarget_
Key Type boolean
Default Value true

Change Log

  • Included in version 1.0
  • Added in version 2.0. Updated to apply to calls to the HTML5 Web Share API in version 9.3.1

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