Allow Automatic Focus

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Basic, Plus and Enterprise

Automatic focus refers to an input text field automatically getting focus (placing the cursor in the text field) and bringing up the on-screen keyboard through a JavaScript .focus() event triggered by the page being shown. 

By default, iOS/iPadOS does not trigger automatic focus events as the on-screen keyboard appearing automatically can shift content off-screen and could be disorienting or frustrating for a visitor, rather than allowing them to control when the keyboard is shown by touching inside an input field to trigger focus. 

Default Value: Off

In certain instances, you may enable automatic focus events to streamline data entry. Most frequently, when using a keyboard wedge barcode scanner where the iPad recognizes the scanner as an external keyboard, the automatic focus would allow scanning data to immediately fill an input field without requiring a user to interact.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_showKeyboardAutomaticallyOnFocusEvent
Key Type boolean
Default Value false

Change Log

  • Added in version 5.4.

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