Return Input from Storm AudioNav

AudioNav is an assistive USB device offering menu navigation by means of audio direction. Visitors with impaired vision, reading difficulties or impaired fine motor skills can navigate through menus or directories. Screen content is presented and summarized by recorded or synthesized language via a headset or handset.

Using an AudioNav requires implementing our JavaScript API. Documentation & sample code is available here.

How it Works

The AudioNav has buttons that visitors can use to navigate content or trigger specific actions. The following are the key codes returned from each user action while the AudioNav is in landscape orientation:

Button/Action Key Code Description
Right 79 Emulates right arrow
Left 80 Emulates left arrow
Down 81 Emulates down arrow
Up 82 Emulates up arrow
Center 40 Emulates return/enter key
Plus 108 Emulates F17 key
Plug in headphones 106 Emulates F15 key
Unplug headphones 107 Emulates F16 key

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