Front Camera Mirroring for Video Capture API

Control how front camera mirroring behaves when using the JavaScript API to capture video.

Supported in:

Kiosk Pro Enterprise

With the rise of selfies and self-recorded videos, mirroring the front camera feed has become a standard practice across various platforms and devices. 

Mirroring the preview allows visitors to see themselves as they would in a mirror, making it easier to frame the shot, adjust their position, and ensure they are capturing the desired content. This real-time feedback helps visitors compose their videos more effectively. iOS/iPadOS follows this convention to provide a consistent experience for users who are accustomed to this behavior. 

This setting makes the mirroring behavior of the camera configurable, which can be helpful when capturing video with backgrounds that don’t mirror well - for example, those containing text, or in scenarios that don’t lend themselves to mirroring.

Default Value:

  • Recording Preview - The live front camera preview while recording will be mirrored. The playback preview and saved video file will show the scene as it appears in reality, without the mirroring effect.
Other Possible Values:
  • Never - The front camera preview, playback preview, and saved video file will never be mirrored.
  • Recording Preview & Playback Preview - The live front camera preview while recording and the playback preview after recording will be mirrored. The saved video file will not be mirrored.
  • Recording Preview, Playback Preview & Saved File - The live front camera preview, playback preview, and the saved video file will all be mirrored.


  • This setting only applies to videos captured using the Photo & Video JavaScript API in Kiosk Pro Enterprise. It does not affect videos captured outside of this API.
  • In Kiosk Pro Plus, the system default mirrored front camera behavior is retained for compatibility, since this setting is not available.
  • When Never is selected, the live preview may briefly appear mirrored when first accessed before correcting itself after a few seconds. This is expected behavior on current versions of iOS/iPadOS.
  • On some devices, explicitly disabling mirroring can cause the saved photo to be scaled incorrectly. As a result, this setting is limited to video capture only. Mirroring behavior for photos is unchanged.

Values for Remote Settings Control & Managed App Configuration

Key kp_photoVideoAPI_frontCameraMirroringModeForVideoCaptureAPI
Key Type integer
Default Value 1
Possible Values
  • 0 = None
  • 1 = Recording Preview
  • 2 = Recording Preview & Playback Preview
  • 3 = Recording Preview, Playback Preview & Saved File

Change Log

Added in version 11.2

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