Unable to connect to a Bluetooth speaker & MagTek iDynamo card reader at the same time [workaround available]


Kiosk Pro Enterprise is unable to play device audio through an attached Bluetooth speaker when using a MagTek iDynamo card reader. This issue is caused by a bug in the external MagTek SDK library the app uses to enable card swiping through these card readers.


Partially resolved. As of our 6.9 release, this issue has been resolved for projects that do not use the MagTek iDynamo. If the setting enabling this card reader is not turned on, the app will not initialize the MagTek library, which prevents the issue from occurring.

For projects using the MagTek iDynamo, this issue is still open. While this can be replicated with MagTek's own sample app, they have been to unable to provide a fix for this issue. Since we do not have access to the source code for their library, this isn't something we can address directly ourselves, short of discontinuing support for this card reader.


This issue affects devices running:

  • Kiosk Pro Enterprise, running projects that use the iDynamo JavaScript API, all versions since 4.2 when we added support for the iDynamo card reader.

Possible Workarounds

One option would be connecting to an external speaker system (either through a wired HDMI connection or over AirPlay) and playing audio using our JavaScript API.

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