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Our Scanning APIs allow you to scan barcodes and QR codes using the device’s native front or back cameras.

Use iPad cameras to scan UPC barcodes and QR codes

Our native camera scanning API relies on the open-source ZBar Scanner SDK and supports both QR codes and standard UPC codes, including EAN, ISBN, and Code 39, 93, and 128.

You can also configure which camera to use by default for scanning - the front camera, which is lower-resolution but often more accessible in a kiosk, or the back camera, which produces a higher-resolution image, which often results in a faster and more accurate scan.

Once a scan is triggered, the viewport for the native iOS camera is shown full-screen to allow the visitor to easily position the code for scanning. When the code is positioned in a way that the camera is able to focus, the camera automatically captures the code and interprets it, returning the data from the barcode to your code as a callback function.

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Use a Bluetooth scanner to scan UPC barcodes and QR codes

Kiosk Pro Enterprise includes support for barcode scanners that can connect to the iPad via Bluetooth, returning the results of a scan directly to your page through a JavaScript callback.

This type of barcode scanner uses the iPad's native connection for Bluetooth keyboards to emulate keyboard input. This means that while the scanner is directly connected to the iPad, no on-screen keyboard will be shown when focus enters text fields so the use of this type of scanner is not recommended for projects where visitors would need access to the on-screen keyboard.  Use of Bluetooth barcode scanners may also interfere with other types of inputs (for example, dropdown menus).

While certain scanners have physical buttons that allow you to connect and disconnect the scanner to gain access to the keyboard, we've had varying levels of success with these in testing and cannot provide support if problems arise. There are two primary API calls - one that triggers an alert popup requesting a scan (with customizable text) and one that listens in the background for scanner data. Data encoded in the barcode or QR code is returned as a string to your page through a JavaScript callback.

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Use an Aila scanner to scan UPC barcodes and QR codes

Kiosk Pro Enterprise supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning through Aila’s line of kiosk and handheld scanners for iOS. Supported barcode types for this integration include UPC-EAN, QR, Code 128, Code 39, and Interleaved 2 of 5.

These scanners use a mirrored camera system for barcode capture and recognition and the audio jack for communication with the app. Current models can be viewed on their site at

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