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Our Print APIs allow you more control over you how you print content from Kiosk Pro, including the ability to print to Star Micronics and Custom America printers.

Print to an AirPrint-enabled printer using JavaScript

If you prefer not to allow printing from the navigation bar or want to only allow printing of specific pages, you can print from a button embedded in your page that calls our API-specific function.

This call prints the entire contents of the current webview, although it is possible to prevent certain content from printing by setting up a CSS stylesheet specifically for print using @media print.

Unless using the ‘Automatic Print Mode’ feature in our Enterprise version, this JavaScript call still brings up the standard iOS print dialog box, which allows the user to select which printer to use.

AirPrint relies on the device and the printer being connected to the same WiFi network to send and receive print jobs. As with all our API calls, these functions are only available online if the API is accessed by import. If accessing the API by injection, the device must be offline and connected to the AirPrint printer over a local-only WiFi network.

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Print to a Star Micronics printer

The Star Printer API allows printing of different bar codes, QR-codes, simple text and specific HTML elements to Star Micronics thermal printers supporting line mode printing. Raster mode only printers (such as the TUP100 series) are not supported.

In addition the Star Printer API can return information about the results of a specific printing job and the status of the connected Star printer (such as paper jam or paper low).

Most Star printers are connected to the device through a wired Ethernet connection to a dedicated Wifi router which then connects to the device. Star is now also offering models that communicate with the iPad over a Bluetooth connection, which can be easier to set-up and troubleshoot.

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Print to a Custom America printer

The Custom America Printer API allows printing of simple text, certain HTML elements, bar codes, and QR codes to supported Custom America thermal printers.  In addition, the Custom America Printer API can return information about the results of a specific printing job and the status of a connected Custom America printer.

Custom America printers are connected via a Bluetooth dongle, available from Custom America.

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