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Our Display APIs allow you to connect to an external monitor to display content on a large-format screen, using the iPad as a controller.

Display separate content on an external screen

Kiosk Pro's External Screen API allows you to display local and/or remote content on an external display connected to your iOS device wirelessly via AirPlay or through Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter (which creates a wired connection between an HDMI port on the external display and your device's Lightning port). Note: Our JavaScript API is not guaranteed to work if using a third-party AV adapter.

Unlike the native video mirroring, which shows the same content on both the device and the external display, this API allows you to send content to the display in full-screen while using the iPad as a controller to display an interactive menu view.

The External Screen API supports a wide variety of content formats, including video, image files, .pdf, and .html pages.

Direct mirroring of the iPad's screen is not currently supported in full-screen as 4:3 monitors are increasingly rare and not available in larger sizes, but it is possible to switch back and forth between the Screen API and the iPad's native mirroring if this functionality is needed.

Note that as there is no support for touch input from the external display, all navigation must be available from the iPad.

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Play audio tracks through the speaker system of an external screen

Background audio can be played through the external display speakers separately or in combination with the visual content display.

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