Specific links are disabled [resolved]

There are several native iOS link behaviors that are not ideal for most kiosk deployments; these include:

  • tel: phone links
  • mailto: email links 
  • sms: message links
  • touch callouts that can be used for functions like 'copy' and 'paste' or to display specific content on a page
  • links to other iOS apps (which can be enabled in a case-by-case basis in Plus and Enterprise)

To keep visitors within the Kiosk Pro app environment, we purposefully screen and process links within the app to disable this native functionality.  

In certain cases, content pages that rely on one or more of these types of links - for example, JavaScript-based links that use the '-webkit-touch-callout' CSS property - will not function as expected in Kiosk Pro.  Additionally, we have documented at least one other case where the tel: link screening has caused unexpected issues with a standard http: link.  


Resolved, requiring changes to app settings as outlined below.

In our Basic, Plus and Enterprise versions, we've added the following setting allowing you to toggle this link behavior manually so it can be enabled or disabled as needed.

  • Disable Touch Callouts - when turned on (default), will disable touch callouts.

This setting can be found in the  Advanced Options Settings and is enabled by default.


This issue affects devices running:

  • Kiosk Pro Lite, all versions
  • Kiosk Pro Basic, all versions
  • Kiosk Pro Plus, all versions
  • Kiosk Pro Enterprise, all versions

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