PDF takes a long time to load?

If your PDF file is taking longer than expected to load, there are a couple of things you may want to try.

Optimize your PDF for web

Web optimization will make the file smaller and will take significantly less time for loading. To optimize your PDF, open it in Acrobat Pro, click on the Advanced tab and then click on PDF Optimizer. This shows you what is going to be optimized. Click OK and save the file.

Reduce the size of your PDF

The best way to reduce the size of a PDF is before the native file is created into a PDF. In the program you used to create the PDF, here are things to check for the web:

  • Images – reduce to 72 dpi and flatten
  • Fonts – un-embed as many fonts as possible, especially common ones such as Helvetica, Times, Garamond
  • Transparencies – remove or reduce resolution to low.
  • Discard user related information (comments, attachments, etc.)

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