Can I revert or downgrade to a previous version of Kiosk Pro?

Apple does not provide any way for users to download and install previous versions of an app through iTunes. As these versions cannot be distributed outside of iTunes (for both technical and legal reasons), we are unable to provide previous versions of these apps to users directly.

Prior to the introduction of iTunes 12.7 in September 2017, it was possible to back up the previous version of the app by updating directly on the iPad through the App Store icon while retaining the previous version in iTunes on a desktop computer that could then be synced back to the device if needed.  In the 12.7 update, Apple removed support for syncing apps through iTunes so it is no longer possible to revert to an earlier version after updating a device. 

At this point, we highly recommend using a test device separate from your kiosk devices to test an update prior to updating your devices in production environments. 

We do offer custom B2B versions of the app which give you additional control over updates.  As these versions are specific to each customer, updates are provided on request and can be tested and approved prior to release to kiosks in the field. 

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