Using Apple Configurator for installation & management

Note: Apple Configurator has also been released for iPhone and is now available on the App Store for download. As of iOS/iPadOS 16, Apple Configurator for iPhone can add other iPhones and iPads running iOS/iPadOS 16 or later to Apple Business Manager. This avoids the requirement to connect the iOS device to a Mac in order to use Apple Configurator to add a device to Apple Business Manager. 

Apple has a free software package for Mac called Configurator that makes it much easier to deploy multiple iPads, allowing you to configure device settings, install apps and data, and supervise devices that need to maintain a standard configuration.

Configurator is able to install apps via license codes purchased through Apple Business Manager.

Configurator includes the ability to supervise an iPad, allowing you to place certain restrictions on the device’s use. Supervision locks the device to the Mac which was used to apply the supervision and which must be used to remove it; the device will no longer sync with any other computer while under supervision.

When used to supervise a device, Configurator allows you to put the iPad into a 'Single App Mode' which disables the Home button similar to Guided Access, but also removes the on-screen notifications requesting a passcode to exit. Single App Mode also appears to block the iOS system update messages that can allow a visitor to exit to the main Settings menu.

While many system settings, like WiFi and device restrictions can be applied through Configurator, be aware that not all system settings are available. In our last tests, we still had to manually turn off multitasking gestures and empty notifications.

As of the 2.1 release, Configurator requires a Mac running OS X 10.11.1 or later and is available as a free download through the Mac App Store.

As a heads up, Configurator has a certain learning curve.  If you need help getting started with Configurator, you may want to speak with the Business team at your local Apple store or get in touch with an Apple business consultant in your area. 

Resources for getting started with Configurator

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