Screen will not turn off when app is running?

Kiosk Pro automatically disables the iPad's Auto-Lock because it's our experience that visitors simply don't approach kiosks that appear to be turned off. In addition, in most kiosk applications, devices are placed into enclosures that limit access to the Home button, which is necessary to wake an iPad from a sleep state.

In our Plus and Enterprise versions, we have included a setting to re-enable Auto-Lock on the device, which may be appropriate for other use cases (like a sales presentation or trade show where the device is not used in an enclosure). Please note that Auto-Lock is automatically disabled by the iOS operating system when the device is in Guided Access mode and Single App Mode would need to be used in its place. 

If you are concerned about power usage/battery drain, our Plus and Enterprise versions also have the ability to dim the screen to the lowest brightness level when on the homepage, then resume normal brightness when the app registers a touch gesture.

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