What is the Remote Management Server (RMS) ?

Unlike a traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, which communicates with the iOS/iPadOS operating system at the device level, the KioCloud Remote Management Server (RMS) communicates directly with Kiosk Pro at the app level. 

This server-based system is designed to monitor and manage kiosk uptime, health, and usage, allowing you to:

  • create customizable alerts triggered when a kiosk is not functioning properly
  • check-in with regular device health reports and event logs
  • monitor usage statistics by visitor session and by URL
  • compare performance and kiosk usage between kiosks or specific groups of kiosks
  • upload locally stored content to the iPad and verify the update
  • manage roles and access permissions for specific users

The server can be accessed through a simple web interface in most modern web browsers.  Kiosk Pro Plus or Enterprise are required on the iPad to connect to the RMS.  

The Remote Management Server is not generally a replacement for an MDM, which is generally used for overall device admin functions, including app installation and management. For larger projects, MDM and RMS are often complementary and are frequently used in combination. 

Licensing and hosting are purchased separately from the app as an annual subscription of $132 per device with volume discounts available starting at 21 licenses. If you are interested in a free trial or a quote, please contact us at software-sales@kioskgroup.com

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