What is the Remote Management Server?

Kiosk Pro has partnered with KioWare, a well-known name in kiosk management, to create a full-featured remote kiosk management system for iOS.

This server-based system allows you to create customizable alarms triggered when a kiosk is not functioning properly, send regular device health reports, monitor usage statistics by visitor session and by URL, and can upload content and settings to the iPad. All of this functionality can be accessed through a simple web interface.

Access to the Remote Management Server is available through our Plus & Enterprise versions, adding a new level of remote monitoring and access to your kiosk deployment.

Licensing of the Remote Management Server is purchased separately from the app as a subscription for $120/year per device (includes hosting).

To be clear, our Remote Management Server operates at the app level, not the device level like a traditional mobile device management (MDM). Our focus is on monitoring kiosk usage and updating content where MDM solutions are generally used for device management and app installation. These two approaches are often complementary and are frequently used together on a single deployment. 

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