Ampersand '&' character breaks Remote Settings Control or Managed App Configuration [resolved]

Kiosk Pro's  Remote Settings Control and Managed App Configuration features both rely on files created using a standard XML format.  The ampersand '&' is a reserved character in XML and can cause your settings file to not validate or be applied as expected.  


Resolved.  When exporting Remote Settings Control and Managed App Configuration configurations from within Kiosk Pro, the app will automatically encode any ampersand characters.  

If you are manually editing a configuration file and your Homepage URL or another field includes an ampersand, you'll need to replace the & character with the string & so that the xml can be read correctly.  For example, if you had a Homepage URL:

it would need to be changed to the following in your XML file:

When Kiosk Pro reads the file and applies this setting, it will be unencoded and will display as expected.

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