Which version of Kiosk Pro do I need?

Which version you need will depend on how you have the kiosk set up and the individual needs of your project.

If you are new to Kiosk Pro, you may want to start out by trying our free Lite version first so you can become familiar with the basics of what Kiosk Pro can do before having to make a purchase. You can then decide if you need any of the more advanced features added in our Basic, Plus, or Enterprise versions.

We've outlined the major differences between versions below, but if you need more detail, we also offer comparison charts of features and JavaScript API calls available in each version.

Kiosk Pro Lite

  • display web-friendly content that is online as a dedicated kiosk
  • basic kiosk controls (allowed domains, idle timer, browsing limit)
  • requires an Internet connection
  • includes a 'Powered by Kiosk Pro' watermark at the bottom of the screen, removed in paid versions
  • free on the App Store

Kiosk Pro Basic

Adds support for:

  • storing content locally on the device
  • updating app settings remotely
  • customizing the bottom navigation bar and links
  • sending email alerts on power loss or settings update
  • JavaScript API allows for saving visitor data locally to iPad
  • removes a 'Powered by Kiosk Pro' watermark at the bottom of the screen
  • $24.99 per device on the App Store

Kiosk Pro Plus

Also includes:

  • updating locally stored content remotely &/or syncing files with Dropbox
  • setting a screensaver
  • power management options including night mode, reduce brightness on homepage, and autolock
  • JavaScript API also allows for photo/video capture and signature capture
  • compatible with our Remote Management Server, which allows you to control your kiosks from a simple, web-based interface
  • $49.99 per device on the App Store

Kiosk Pro Enterprise

Enables advanced functionality like:

  • printing to Star & Custom America thermal printers, as well as additional AirPrint options
  • magnetic stripe card swiping with certain ID Tech & MagTek card readers, including fully-encrypted, PCI-compliant credit card processing through MercuryPay (in the US only)
  • using the device's native cameras or an attached Bluetooth scanner to scan UPC barcodes and QR codes
  • displaying content fullscreen on an external display while using the iPad as the controller
  • $99.99 per device on the App Store

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