Are rebranded or whitelabeled versions available?

Rebranding is available for the Plus & Enterprise versions for an annual $950 development fee plus the cost of individual licenses. This fee includes up to 6 updates per year, provided on request.

Rebranded versions are distributed as a custom B2B app through Apple Business Manager, which requires free enrollment. Once submitted and approved by Apple, license codes are purchased through ABM using the Apple ID you provide. Apple does not make it possible to distribute custom B2B apps to Apple School Manager customers at this time.

This rebranding includes: 

  • incorporating your graphics for app icons, 
  • the app name of your choice, 
  • the ability to preset a url for an .xml file for remote settings update so that when the app is installed and run, it updates automatically to your predefined settings,
  • your choice of predefined initial launch behavior

More details and terms for this type of rebranded builds are available here

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