App does not run or immediately returns to the Home screen?

This type of immediate crash is an issue with the iOS and not the app. You will find this problem is relatively well-documented in Apple user forums, where the following advice is generally given:

  1. Press the power button until you get the slide lock to power off. Turn back on and retry.
  2. Try a hard reset. Press the power button and the Home button until the screen turns off. May take a few seconds to power off. Turn back on and retry.
  3. Try deleting the app off the iPad: long press on any app icon, then when you lift your finger off the screen, the icons will have a black x in the corner and be wiggling. Touch the app you would like to delete, confirm in the pop-up, and then hit the Home button to exit 'Delete Mode'. Then re-install either through the App Store icon on the iPad or through iTunes. iTunes keeps track of what you've purchased in the past so you should not be charged a second time for the app.

Beyond this, we recommend either doing a  factory reset through iTunes and/or contacting Apple's iTunes support.

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