Can I save form data on the device outside of Kiosk Pro?

Unfortunately, this is not possible in iOS. In iOS, each app is confined to its own 'sandbox' for security reasons and is not allowed to access files or data of other apps.  This means that Kiosk Pro does not have 'write' access outside its own Documents folder.

Sandboxing applications protects apps from each other and also protects user data. Without sandboxing, if one app installed on a device has bugs or malicious code, that app could interfere with the ability of other apps to run successfully or could access data stored in another app and corrupt it. By preventing applications from interfering with each other, sandboxing increases the stability of iOS as a whole.

If you need to access data outside of the app, you might want to consider our  Dropbox integration in Plus and Enterprise, which allows you to sync data stored the a kiosk's unique content folder back to a Dropbox account.

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