Allowing FaceTime calls

While it would in theory be possible to originate an outgoing FaceTime call from within Kiosk Pro, there is currently no way to return the visitor directly to Kiosk Pro when the call is ended. As this would obviously be unacceptable to most users, we currently block the ability to make outgoing FaceTime calls.

We have heard of users who have used Kiosk Pro in combination with incoming FaceTime calls successfully. In this model, the user created a webpage that sent an alert to a receptionist that someone needed assistance; the receptionist then initiated the FaceTime call to the device running Kiosk Pro, which displays the FaceTime call. When the FaceTime call is completed, the app is relaunched automatically, returning the visitor to Kiosk Pro.

This type of set-up is incompatible with Guided Access or Single App Mode, which is required to lock the device to a single app, as that then blocks the Facetime call in.  This means that visitors are able to escape the app using links in the Notification Center that can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen.  Unfortunately, outside of Guided Access or Single App Mode, there is no way to prevent the Notification Center from being shown at this point. Also as the app is relaunched, 'Show Settings' would need to be set to 'Never' or 'On Touch Gesture and Passcode'.  

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