Password protecting a kiosk website & supported authentication methods

Since your web server is what controls who has access to your files, Kiosk Pro isn't able to password protect files on a remote server.  The app does support the following types of server-side authentication methods: 

  • Default
  • HTTP Basic
  • HTTP Digest

If you are using an Apache web server, it is possible to password protect your files using .htaccess and .htpasswd files - more on how to set this up here and here.  

Once you have this type of password protection set up, you can embed the username and password you set directly into the URL in the format '' and set this as the homepage or a link within your content. Make sure you include the "http" or "https" scheme at the beginning of the URL.

If you are unable to embed the username/password in the link as shown above or each visitor needs to enter separate credentials, make sure you have the Browser Engine = WKWebView (located in Advanced Settings), which allows you to enter this type of credential directly through a pop-up.

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