How do I create content that can be run in Kiosk Pro?

Kiosk Pro is designed to present web-friendly content and media as a customized kiosk app. We usually recommend users create content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as these are the "native language" of a web browser like Kiosk Pro.

If you don’t know how to code HTML yourself, but need to create content to run inside Kiosk Pro, you have a few options:

Keep it simple.

If you aren't up to learning a markup language like HTML just for this project (which we can understand), we recommend using a website creation tool.

Find an existing web-based software solution.

For more complex use cases, there are often existing web-based solutions that can be used in conjunction with Kiosk Pro. Examples of use cases that could be a good match for this approach are surveys, timeclocks, wayfinding, patient check-in, room scheduling, and event registration.

Work with a developer.

If you aren't able to find an existing solution that meets your needs, you'll need to work with a developer to create a custom solution.

We offer in-house custom development for certain projects, so if you'd like to discuss the scope of your project, we'd be happy to give you an estimate. We’re also ready to answer any questions your own developer might have about creating content for Kiosk Pro.

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