Does Kiosk Pro collect information about how the app is used?

Kiosk Pro does not collect specific information about how you are using the app, nor what your visitors do within the app.  As a part of our commitment to providing a stable app experience, we use the Crashlytics reporting framework to return crash reports and data on the percentage of user sessions that end in a crash.

No information entered into the browser by a visitor is sent from the app back to us.

Form data can be stored locally on the device, but only if you are using our JavaScript API to do so, never automatically. If you are using our Remote Management Server, information about user sessions, including navigation history, is sent to the remote management server. We do not access this data except as needed to provide support.

The only time we need specific information about how you are using the app is if you report a problem and we request troubleshooting logs. In this case, you have to manually turn this logging on and send it to us - nothing is done automatically or without explicit consent.

If you've opted in to share usage data when you are setting up your iPad and are running iOS 8 or later, Apple collects basic use metrics and shares that user data with third-party developers like us. This data is grouped and anonymous and allows us to look at high-level use statistics like how many app sessions we have in a country on a specific date.

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