What types of content does Kiosk Pro support?

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Content written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Kiosk Pro is based on browser components that are a part of the iOS operating system and supports many of the latest front-end web APIs and technologies. We usually recommend users create content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as these are the "native language" of a web browser like Kiosk Pro. Content written in HTML can be stored remotely on a web server or locally on the device for use offline.

Content written in other web languages

Kiosk Pro can display content written in other web languages, including, but not limited to, PHP, ASP, Ruby, Python, PERL, and ColdFusion.

Languages that require server-side processing - meaning that they require a server to translate into code that Kiosk Pro (or any other browser) can display - cannot be viewed locally on the iPad as there is no server to interpret the code in this scenario.

Video files

Kiosk Pro can play standard video formats supported by iOS & iPadOS, which include .mp4, .m4v, and .mov (.mov files must be specifically encoded with the H.264 video codec). It is only possible to play a single video file at a time on iOS/iPadOS.

Audio files

Kiosk Pro can play standard audio formats supported by iOS & iPadOS, which include .mp3, .aac, and .wav. It is only possible to play a single audio file at a time on iOS/iPadOS.

Partially Supported

If you are considering these formats, we highly recommend finding a sample file to view in Kiosk Pro before purchasing the app or spending time in development to ensure that these formats can meet your project's requirements.

Keynote files & Microsoft Office ('97 or newer) files,
including PowerPoint, Excel, Word

Presentation files are displayed as documents, which means that they cannot automatically advance or play in a loop, but instead must be manually navigated through by the visitor. We recommend viewing these files with the Disable Zoom setting turned off.

Kiosk Pro is also unable to display multimedia embedded into a presentation, including video, audio, or animation.

A sample PowerPoint file can be viewed within Kiosk Pro by setting the app's Homepage to: docs.kioskgroup.com/test.pptx.

PDF files

Kiosk Pro can display PDF files and supports links embedded in PDFs. The app also supports the following URL parameters for PDF files: 

  • page=[page-number] - allows you to link to a specific page in a PDF
  • title=[title] - allows you to customize the title shown if the PDF is opened in a tab. Spaces and special characters must be URL encoded

For example, https://docs.kioskgroup.com/test.pdf?page=2&title=Test%20PDF

More advanced features like form fill-in and audio/video embedding are not possible as they are not supported in the libraries we use to display PDF files.   

GIF files

Kiosk Pro can display GIF animations within content, but we highly recommend the use of standard video files for performance reasons. GIF files are not compatible with the app's screensaver feature. For information on why.gif is a poor choice for displaying animation and links to tools to convert .gif to .mp4 video, click here.

Not Supported

  • standard pop-up windows (including browser error messages caused by your page)
  • multiple windows (although multiple tabs are supported in our Plus & Enterprise versions)
  • Flash content
  • iBooks

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