Unable to screen asynchronous URL requests, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter [UIWebView only]

Kiosk Pro was previously unable to block asynchronous URL requests where, rather than loading a new page, a link triggers a request within the current page, changing elements and a new URL without trigger an actual page load request. 

Frameworks that support these types of requests include Angular and React.  YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and an increasing number of large web-based applications use this type of request as it allows the application to show new content without requiring a full page load.

In most cases, it was still possible to block these domains completely using the app's Allowed and/or Restricted Domains list (as the initial request is associated with a page load request), but it was not possible to limit visitors to a specific page or set of pages on that domain (as subsequent requests on that domain do not have their own page load requests).


Resolved in 8.4 update when using Browser Engine > WKWebView. Due to how iOS handles these requests, this screening occurs after page load, meaning that the page will display briefly. When Kiosk Pro sees the page and identifies it as not allowed, it will immediately navigate to the previous page and display a blocked request alert if configured to do so. This functionality can be disabled if preferred in Advanced Settings. 


This issue affects devices running:

  • All versions of Kiosk Pro, prior to version 8.4 or using Browser Engine > UIWebView

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