Using JavaScript Callbacks

Kiosk Pro's JavaScript API uses predefined callbacks which are triggered by different events. For example, the callback  kp_ExternalScreen_videoPlaybackStateDidChange is triggered whenever the current video changes playback state.

Some Kiosk Pro functions let you define a callback of your own:


In this case, you would choose a callback name of your choice, (for example, "callback1") and then define that callback and what you want to happen somewhere else in your script:

function callback1(playbackState, filePath, currentTime, duration, isLooped) {
	if (playbackState = 1) {
		// Stop the video and open new url

The structure of the callback and the parameters it returns are predefined by the app, but you can name it whatever you want.

Creating a chain of callbacks

You can call multiple callbacks in a row by chaining callbacks together. Using External Screen API functions as an example:

function setBackground() {
function setBrowserBgColorCallback() {
function openDocumentCallback(success) {

In this scenario, the function is calling an API function to set the background color, which has the option for a callback. This callback is user defined, and is used to call another API function to open a document, which has another callback option. The third callback is used to set the parameters for playing a video.

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