Trigger API: Remote Management Server

This section of the API allows you to manage a user session in the Remote Management Server.


Related Settings


  • JavaScript API > Access JavaScript API
    • By Import - required as communication with the Remote Management Server requires an Internet connection, requires inclusion of kiosk_functions.js prior to any of the following calls.
  • Remote Management Server > Enable = On
  • Remote Management Server > Site Name, Kiosk Name, & Unit Name = filled in correctly.

Sample Code

This sample code relies on the JavaScript APIs built into Kiosk Pro and will not run successfully in other browsers or within our in-app help interface.  
To run sample code, set the app's homepage to

Download Sample Code


Added in version 7.6

This function add a URL and page title to the navigation history for a current user session in the Remote Management Server, allowing you to track events that would not otherwise be reflected in the navigation history (like an AJAX form submission, for example). This navigation event will last until another navigation event occurs or the session is closed.

kp_KioWare_registerNavigation(url, title, callback);
  • url = [required] defines the URL of the event to be saved in the navigation history for the current user session.
  • title = [required] defines the page title of the event to be saved in the navigation history for the current user session.
  • callback = [optional] name of callback function which will be called with the following signature: callback(success).
Callback format
Callback return values success = if defined, the function successfully triggered and saved an event in the navigation history.


Added in version 7.3

This function allows you to manually end a user session in the Remote Management Server without triggering the idle timer or redirecting to the homepage. This may be useful if the project does not use the app's native idle timer (as that is generally what triggers the close of a user session).


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