Linking between remote and local content and assets

For security and privacy, Apple does not allow online websites to request locally stored assets on iOS or iPadOS - basically, the idea here is that you wouldn't want a website to be able to scan through and look at files you have on your device as they could potentially contain private or otherwise sensitive information. This means that a page stored on a server can only access other pages or assets stored on a server, not pages or assets that are stored locally.

Since pages and assets stored remotely on a server are assumed to be public, Apple does not enforce any restrictions on access by local content.  This means that you can have a locally stored page that is allowed to access any other pages or assets that are stored remotely.  Since the page itself is stored locally, it is also allowed to access other local files and assets stored in the Kiosk Pro Documents folder. 

If it's not possible to store your homepage locally, but you need to access other local pages, you can still use Quick Links in the bottom navigation bar to link to any content you've stored locally.

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